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I was ten years old.  I knew I was a magical being.

I’ve believed in the intersection of magic and science since I was a child.

When I was little, I was always trying some experiment with magic.  There was a woman in my little hometown that ran a health food shop – pretty rad for the 1970’s in the Midwest.  My mom went in there to get raw cashews to make her granola.  One time we went in there, and the woman was wearing a copper pyramid on her head.  She told us it was drawing energy to her brain.  My mom was disgusted, but I was fascinated.  I had a children’s book about paranormal phenomena and one of the chapters was on the power of the pyramids.  I immediately created a pyramid out of cardboard, and set up an experiment to see if the power would help preserve some slices of plum.

It didn’t work.

My slices of plum shriveled and got moldy, not because the power of the pyramids is hogwash – I’m not weighing in on that right now – but because I didn’t really have all the details.  For example, I’m guessing cardboard and masking tape are not considered ideal materials for building a pyramid.

The problem?

I didn’t have anyone to teach me the ways of magic and working with energy.

Once upon a time, in most cultures besides ours, some adult would have probably realized early on that I was called to be a Wayfinder – a medicine woman, a priestess, a shaman, a healer.  I would have been schooled in the technologies of magic – given tools to match my curiosity and desire.

Instead, I spent a huge chunk of my adult life puzzling through things like why some prayers got answered and some didn’t.  I tested out all kinds of ideas and approaches, first within charismatic, mystical Christianity, then later in a broad range of spiritual traditions.  I devoured books about miracles, healings, signs and wonders, energy work, hearing the voice of God, crystals, telepathy, prophecy, prayer and faith, manifesting and more.  I listened to famous teachers.  I experimented endlessly.

And little by little, I’ve found my way toward my own true north.  I’ve discovered I’m an incredibly powerful creator of my life, and that what I knew in my heart at a child — that we are magical beings — is true in the ‘real world’.

And I’ve created a magical life for myself! It’s not a perfect life or a glamorous life, but it’s filled with joy. I’m surrounded by goodness and love.

No, I haven’t managed to manifest everything single thing I ever wanted.  But I have seen a lot of miracles, a lot of answered prayers, a lot of synchronicities.  I have bent a stainless steel spoon, experiencing it become soft and warm in my hands and agreeing to bend for me.  I’ve asked to see coyotes and snakes…and seen them.  I’ve experienced energy flowing out of my hands to heal others.  And most important, I’m living out of my essential self, surrounded by people I love, doing work I love, moving in a flow of creativity and passion.

And you?  Have you tried everything you know to create a magical life, and things still seem to be going wrong?

Have you been longing for magic your whole life?  Even if you’re feeling a little sheepish to admit it?  Or maybe you haven’t quite stepped into your magical self, but you’ve stuck a big toe in and you want more.  Or perhaps you’re well acquainted with the frustration of believing in magic but not seeing results.

Do you wish that you could change that, and change it quickly?

I help people follow their dreams and create a magical life.

Maybe you were magically led to me right now because you:

  • have tried out the Law of Attraction or other ways of manifesting, and you’re disappointed
  • believe in the concept of answered prayer but don’t see it happening in real life
  • are trying to find a spirituality that works for you – especially if you came out of organized religion
  • want to do what you love or are passionate about…AND make money (or maybe you’ve taken the leap of faith and you’re barely making ends meet)
  • long to live at the intersection of science and spirituality, quantum physics, neuroscience, and energy
  • would have been the medicine person, the healer, the shaman or the priestess and priest if you’d been born into a different time or culture

And the list goes on.

Newflash:  You're a magical being, an incredibly powerful creator!  You're creating stuff all day long, every day.  You're good at creating!  The trick is to learn to create the things you want and like.

The truth is, you are ready to shift things!  If you resonate with that list above, it's time to make the magic work!  And that's what I'm here for.

It’s time for a growth spurt.

Here's what I can do for you...


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What Cynthia’s clients are saying about her…

“This is the ultimate skill [hearing your knower].”

— Amanda F

I always feel giddy when I finish talking with Cynthia … she has given me so much confidence and so many ideas!! Instead of cowering in fear of the unknown, I am tackling possibilities head-on, and things are falling into place beautifully as a result. If you need a little nudging and want to learn about how you tick and how to work through problems positively, call Cynthia!!

— Jenny S

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