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What is Life Coaching?
Life coaching works in partnership with individuals to love and live their best life. Life coaching is designed to provide you with the tools to discover what you want and how to achieve it. This is done through powerful questions, creative tools and self-inquiry which allows you to connect with your inner knowing.

How is coaching different than therapy?

Coaching focuses more on the present and creating a future the client desires, whereas therapy tends to focus on healing the past. Coaching may work in conjunction with therapy. Much of coaching is meant to be done when major emotional and psychological issues are already healing or healed.

How, where and when?
I coach clients over the phone. I typically meet with clients for a one-hour session every other week.

How much is the investment?
One session is USD $135, and coaching sessions are sold in packages, with a minimum purchase of 3 sessions. If you purchase 6 sessions or more, individual sessions are USD $110 each.  After the client has invested in 8 sessions, additional sessions may be paid for individually.

How long does coaching last?
This depends on you. The average client commits to 8 sessions, with additional sessions as necessary. Coaching is not only work but fun because you are given the tools to dream again, journey within, design your life and follow your hearts desire! Once you’ve reached your goal and you have the tools to continue on the path of personal growth you may want to decrease sessions – this is your life so you tell me when we are done!

How do I know if life coaching is right for me?
Email me to schedule a FREE one-hour connection session and see if we’re a good fit for each other!  Ask me your questions about coaching, and we’ll decide together if working with me would be a great next step for you.