“Creating Magical Lives in 2018”



Wednesday, Aug. 8th
5:30 PM Pacific Time
8:30 PM Eastern Time

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During This FREE Webinar You Will Learn My 3-Step Process to Create YOUR Magical Life!

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    Unearth limiting beliefs about the Big Seven – the seven most important life areas, such as love, money and health.

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    Learn to disarm those limiting beliefs, so they don’t block you from receiving.

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    Listen to your knower to discover what goodness WANTS to happen in your life, so that your manifesting becomes filled with miracles, synchronicities and magic!

Cynthia Topp

I love giving webinars.  I love teaching what has worked for me to transform my life.  I'm still on the journey, and I love to share from a place of vulnerability and authenticity.  It's not easy to create a magical life.  It's not easy to awaken.  But it can be done.  YOU can do it.  My 3-step process can be applied to all the areas of your life.  So claim your spot below!

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