Diana Book Group


Book Club – Martha Beck’s Latest Book!

We want you in our club!

Who is ‘we’?  My fellow coach, Pam Weiss, and I, that’s who!

Our mentor, Martha Beck (!!!), has just published a heart-bursting, mind-altering, fun, profound and shockingly true-to-life fantasy fiction novel called Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening.

As two of Martha’s coaches, we got to read advanced readers’ copies and it knocked our socks off, so we’re calling in all our people to join us in a fearless, inspiring, joyful book club that will guide us through the process of waking up to our true selves and the lives we are meant to be living on this wonderful planet.

Yeah—it’s really that kind of book!

In this book club, you will:

  • Find yourself and your deeper purpose—this is what allegories are all about!
  • Practice tools for spiritual growth—this book includes seven very special tasks that wake us up to our true and beautiful selves.
  • Connect with love and laughter—every person who relates to this novel enjoys the humor and kindness of its protagonists, along with their gentle and wise guidance.

This book club is a way to form community with people just like you who are walking your talk and embodying the open-hearted kindness, curiosity, and courageous creativity of a life lived in service to truth and compassion.


8 Weeks of Awakening!

We will read, chat, laugh and get bewildered together!!!


Join us on a 8-week journey into the wilderness of our souls via video conferencing as we discuss the book!

If you feel a tug you don’t understand as you’re looking at this web page, if you’re intrigued, if a longing rises up inside of you, or if you just love Martha Beck’s writing and want to see what she’s created now, perhaps that’s your signal to join us!

In these 8 weeks, we will:

  • gather via video conferencing, and use the book as a text for moving toward a wilder, freer, happier, and more magical self
  • learn a practice of silence and stillness
  • be coached by Pam and Cynthia during any of the classes (if you choose) as issues surface
  • meet your own (imaginary?!?) guide/spirit animal, and receive helpful advice and loving kindness about your problematic issues
  • enter a safe space in which we will practice dropping a small fear, then a large one
  • learn a great tool called the ‘body compass,’ which helps us discern what is poisonous for us in our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions, and even our food!
  • allow your essential self to steer you in your decisions, your goals, even in physical ways!
  • tell your heart-opening stories and hear the stories of other participants
  • discover how your negative thoughts are a mirror image of the truth, and learn a process to turn them around
  • play with the concept of connecting with Source through three techniques, Wordlessness, Oneness, and Imagination
  • help one another solve problems through conversation and magic
  • confront your nemesis, tell the truth, and deal with the outcome
  • explore the idea that, “I am everything, I am nothing”

The Details!

Start date:  Start dates for 2017 to be determined.

End date: 

Meeting days:  Thursdays

Times:  9:30am to 11:00am, Mountain Time

The Meeting Method:  via video conferencing so we can see each other (although you can opt for audio only if you’re having a bad-hair day)

The Resources:

  • all classes will be recorded if you can’t make it live, or if you want to go back and watch/listen again
  • participants will be part of a private, closed Facebook group where we can interact and support each other

The Price: $195 USD

Optional Retreat at the End of the 8 Weeks!

For those wanting to go deeper and literally go into the forest, we will be offering a 2-day retreat in Avon, Colorado following the book club! Dates to be announced.  Details and price will follow for those signed up for the book club, but we wanted to give you a heads-up to save the dates!  It’s gonna be grand!