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I love giving away what I’ve learned and what’s been useful to me along the way.  Check back here soon because more free goodies are on their way!  One thing I’m working on is a reading list of books that have impacted me deeply over the past five years.

Audio Recording of Guided Meditation, “Access Your Infinite Creativity”

Do you want to access your infinite creativity and receive something that you need for one VERY small creative step you want to take? Listen to this recording and discover that you can access your own infinite creativity.

You’ll start by setting an intention for something you need for your creative journey. Something EASY. Maybe you choose something that is part of your creative journey for today or in the next few days. For example, if you’re a writer, perhaps it’s, “I access my infinite creativity and receive the ending for that chapter.” If you’re a dancer, perhaps your intention is, “I access my infinite creativity and find within me the grace to make that one certain move I see in my mind’s eye,” or “I receive the choreography for the opening of my piece.” If you’re stuck and feel your creativity is blocked in general, set the intention that you are FILLED with creative energy. “I access my infinite creativity and I receive inspiration, creative energy, excitement.” Affirm that you play your instrument, you paint your painting, you discover or re-discover the medium you love. If you are afraid of some upcoming step of your creative journey, say, “I access my infinite creativity, and I receive all that I need to…” submit your poem, list your work for sale on a website, audition for the troupe.

Then listen and see what happens!  Download this meditation, and receive what YOU need for the next step in your creative journey.  When you click the Receive Free Guided Meditation button, you will receive an email from AWeber that will take you to a link to download the file.


Creating Magic:  How to Craft a Talisman

how to create a talisman

You’re a talented artist.  You’re technically great at your craft.  You try to express yourself in your work.  But you still feel mediocre within the circles of other good artists who are technically great at their craft. What can you do that will set you apart? You long for your audience to respond by letting you know that the art you made for them, be it physical piece, performance, written word, became an object of power for them, a talisman, an icon, an amulet.

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