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Want to Take It Further?

In addition to one-on-one coaching, check out these programs!

5-Week Discovery Group:  Finding Your Way In A Wild New World

Are you a Wayfinder?  If you had been born into another culture or society, would you have been the shaman, the medicine woman or man, a priest or priestess, the healer, or the wise one?  Do you long to move into that role and fulfill your purpose in your life, but you're not quite sure what that would look like?

Martha Beck has written an amazing book called, "Finding Your Way in a Wild New World."  In this 5-week program, we will read the book, then come together on 5 conference calls (90 minutes each) to share our experiences, encourage one another, and grow in the "technologies of magic."

For all the rest of the details about this 5-week Discovery Group, and to sign up, READ MORE HERE!



6-Month Mentorship:  Flourishing Creative Entrepreneur

You’re an artist.  You’re a sculptor, singer, painter, writer, belly dancer, metalsmith, potter, musician, knitter, actress, cartoonist, costume designer, drummer, art teacher, crafter, wood carver.  You love to create.  You make beauty.  You express passion.

But you don’t make much money doing it.  Because you’re stuck.  Because you gave up.  Because you price yourself too low.

Newsflash:  You REALLY CAN make your living as a creative entrepreneur!  You just need to grow your self-confidence and determination, learn to love and believe in your creations, and be unstoppable!

Dear Starving Artist and Blocked Creative Soul,

Maybe you relate:

  • You wish you could figure out how to release a flow of creativity and KEEP IT FLOWING, but you’re stuck…or...
  • You’re working as a full-time artist, but the magic is gone…or…
  • You create...but you’re never satisfied with your work…or...
  • Your artistic endeavors have turned into just an expensive hobby because you don’t dare to price your work high enough to make a profit from it...or…
  • You’re working part-time as an artist, but your day job is taking up so much time you never actually DO your art…or…
  • You put 3 items up for sale on Etsy, and when no one bought them, you closed your shop...or…
  • You dream of turning your creativity into a business, but you’re terrified by accounting, taxes, business licenses and marketing

But you don’t have to be starving and blocked!  You can follow your dreams and create the artistic life you are longing for!

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