Project Unicorn

Give the Gift of Magic this Year!

Give your loved ones (including yourself!!!!) a customized MAGICAL LIFE MEDITATION, made just for the recipient!

Remember how receiving gifts was magical as a small child? What wondrous thing would be inside that shiny package? But the gift-giving obligation can be a big ole pain in the butt as adults.  So many of us have far more things than we need.  What do you give someone who has everything, doesn’t want more physical things, and has enough money to buy themselves pretty much whatever they want?

Don’t resort to gift cards this year!

Give the gift of magic for 2018!

Give that beloved peep in your life a Personalized Guided MAGICAL LIFE MEDITATION!

What is a guided meditation?

A guided meditation usually consists of a leader talking, leading the participant to imagine themselves moving through a series of scenes or imagery.  The intention of the meditation might be to receive something helpful for the next leg of the participant’s journey through life, or to be strengthened or to tap into divine wisdom or to calm anxiety.  Some use scientific techniques such as helping the participant drop into slower brain waves, while others include spiritual imagery or sacred scripture from various traditions.

I love using guided meditations, and I’ve downloaded them from many different teachers.  Then, a couple years ago, I sort of noticed that without planning to, I was starting to invent guided meditations for myself as I was out for my daily walks.  Then, one day in a coaching session when I was working with someone one-on-one, I suddenly felt led to take my client on an adventure where I made up a guided meditation for her on the fly.  I almost didn’t follow that prompting, because it felt so woo-woo and out there.  Plus, I was completely terrified, because who was I to be making up ways to meditate?  Isn’t that the undertaking of a bunch of saints or something?  But as I did it, I had a powerful sense of the divine moving through me, giving me words and pictures in my mind.  I’ve done many more of these meditations since, for individuals and for groups.  The meditation you purchase will be specifically made for the recipient, individualized not only with their name in the recording, but with content just for them.


Different styles of meditations serve different purposes.  The MAGICAL LIFE MEDITATION will give the recipient exactly what they need to move forward in creating the life they long for, desire and dream of!  It will be a recording they can listen to on a daily basis to help them receive whatever is for their highest good.

Here’s how you give this amazing gift:

  • When you purchase one or more of these meditations, you will only tell me the first names of each recipient or let me know if it’s for yourself. You won’t tell me anything that’s going on with that person or people, or what kind of meditation you think they need.
  • I will spend some time in the divine presence, asking to be given exactly what that person needs from Spirit, their guides, angels, God, Jesus, or their non-physical helpers.
  • Then I will make an audio recording that will be anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes long, specifically for the person. Based on my intuition and connection with divine wisdom, I’ll lead the person through whatever scenarios or images I receive.
  • I know it’s fun around the holidays to have a physical gift to give someone, so when it’s done, I’ll put the mp3 file onto one of these cute unicorn usb flash drives and mail it either to you or directly to the recipient. I’ll enclose printed instructions that will tell the recipient that they are receiving this custom meditation as a gift from you, and give some suggestions for how to use it.

Starting for as little as $29 if you buy 6 or more!



I’ve set the price for one at $47, with cheaper prices if you buy more than one, because it’s the first time I’ve offered something like this.  I’ve seen prices online for customized meditations starting at $97 and going up to $250, so this is a great deal.

VERY IMPORTANT:  I’M ONLY GOING TO OFFER 20 OF THESE THIS YEAR!  I sat down and thought through how much time this will take, and decided I could create 20 of these between now and December 8th, and have enough time to get them mailed out.  First come, first served.

Do you know someone with big dream? Get them some magic! Help their dreams come true!

Do you have a loved one who is trying to create a magical life, and is blocked in certain areas?  Give them a tool to help them heal and move forward!

This truly is a gift that keeps on giving and could last a lifetime.

What does someone need more than anything else? They need magic!

Besides, who doesn’t want a unicorn usb drive?