Signup – Fearless Pricing Free Class

Signup – Fearless Pricing Free Class

Hey you, Starving Artist! Are you ready to leave that stinkin’ Starving Artist Paradigm behind, and actually make some money?

After years of doing your art form as a very expensive hobby while pretending to be running a business, are you ready to become a legitimate entrepreneur with grownup things like a budget and a retirement account?

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Fearless Pricing for Creative Entrepreneurs:  A Class for Underpricers, Overpricers and Random Pricers

Are you trying to MAKE MONEY from your artistic creations? Uncover the junk that’s keeping you from pricing your art/creative work appropriately. Figure out if you’re an Underpricer, an Overpricer or a Random Pricer, and learn a clear process to disarm your limiting beliefs and bad voices that are keeping you from being a Fearless Pricer! Set yourself free from the pitfalls of inappropriate pricing, so that the work you create can go out into the world AND make money for you. Receive practical tips for your specific pricing type.

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NEXT SESSION!  Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at:

  • 12:00pm Eastern Time
  • 11:00am Central Time
  • 10:00am Mountain Time
  • 9:00am Pacific Time

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Starving Artists:

Is this process of making money from your dreams turning out to be more difficult than you had imagined it would be? Do you consistently underprice your work? Or maybe you price high but you’re not selling? Or your pricing is about as systematic as your kitchen junk drawer? Are you slogging through discouragement, grasping for any little bit of income to pay the bills? Are you TERRIFIED about money?

The truth is that it IS possible to make a living, even a good living (!!!), as artists. But we have to learn how to do it. Pricing is a skill, but there’s also a huge emotional component to it. We need to understand our beliefs that control our pricing decisions. We need tools to help us quiet those bad voices in our heads that tell us that we don’t deserve to make money, that we suck at math or organization so we’ll never be able to keep track of all the stupid, fiddly details like our expenses, that we should be able to make as much as so-and-so (damn it), or that we need to give it up and get a real job.

Which is why I’m inviting you to join me for this free one-hour class. If you want to take an honest look at the beliefs that are controlling your pricing, and learn tools to disarm those bad voices, then this free session is for you!

And yes, to support you even further, I’ll be inviting you to join me for a 3-month individual mentorship program, “YOU as Flourishing Creative Entrepreneur,” (if you qualify). But I promise that, whether you are an artist who has been starving for years or a newbie who just put your first three items up on your Etsy site, you’ll learn plenty in this call that will transform you whether you join me for 3 months or not.

Plus, you’ll receive a downloadable mp3 file of a cool guided meditation I created that’s designed to help you take the next step in your creative journey.


Cynthia Topp is a trained life coach, a teacher of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, a writer, and a jewelry artist. Her mission in life is to empower artists of all types and folks with creative dreams to FLOURISH.


PS.  I’m gonna do a drawing at the end of the call for a giveaway for one of my wide, adjustable etched rings!  I’ll randomly select someone who is on the call, and  – POW! – you’ll have a new piece of jewelry!


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