Spirituality on Your Terms:

How to Escape the Power of Groupthink and Find Your Own Connection to the Divine


  • Learn how to craft your own connection to the Divine!
  • Reconnect to your spiritual "knower"!
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When a group of people believe they have The Truth or the one and only way to God, someone in the group is gonna be getting hurt.  Is that you?

  • You’re a spiritual person.
  • You love connecting with the Divine.
  • You find beauty and truth in ancient scriptures and in various forms of worship.

But maybe you feel trapped or wounded by the religion you’ve been immersed in, or perhaps you’ve left the religion that’s been your backbone for years.

Because it’s going against your beliefs.

Or because it feels stale.

Or because you feel uncomfortable even if you don’t know why.

  • You’re still going to church but you feel spiritually lost…or…
  • Everything you believed as absolute truth no longer makes sense anymore…or…
  • You keep trying to make your religion work but it feels empty…or…
  • You voiced your doubts and people you love rejected you (or told you that you were going to hell or begged you to come back to The Truth)…or…
  • You’re driving yourself nuts wondering if it’s okay with God that you left your religion…or…

And now you feel spiritually lost. You want to find a spirituality that works for you but you don’t know where to look.

Newsflash: You CAN untangle religion from spirituality! The good news is that you just need a safe place to examine what you no longer believe, a big dose of encouragement to trust your own intuition, and the support to face the fallout! You’re not alone!

You can have spirituality on your terms! You can follow your truth and create the connection with the Divine you are longing for! You just need a safe place and support!

We value your privacy and would never spam you

How can I say that? Because I’ve been there.

I get every last bit of the confusion, the tangled relationships, and the fear. I’ve been crushed by rejections from former beloved friends. I’ve waded through years of conformity while my heart languished. I’ve found both deep spirituality and sickening self-aggrandizement in the same settings. I’ve cried out for help and guidance.

And then I recreated my spirituality on my terms!


  • Not having to have all the right answers, but being able to ask honest questions
  • Feeling connected to a spirituality that works for you
  • Getting in touch with your sense of truth
  • Falling in love with your “knower” and listening to its voice
  • Being honest with yourself about what spiritual things you are drawn to
  • Having your outer self – what you say and do – be in alignment with your inner self
  • Discovering wonderful new possibilities about life, the Divine, the Universe and more
  • Being able to cleanse away all those old beliefs you’ve outgrown, and replace them with new beliefs that resonate with who you’ve become!
  • Finally trusting your own instincts about what beliefs and practices are helpful or unhelpful for you

We value your privacy and would never spam you

fade-leftfade-rightAre you ready to leave that stinkin’ paradigm of “The Truth” or “Only One Way to God” behind, and actually create your spirituality on YOUR terms?