Come Bend a Spoon with Me...and Discover That YOU Are a Magical Being!

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Hey there, my friend!

You’ve somehow found your way to this page which is about bending spoons, and I bet you’re having a reaction of some sort:

  • Maybe you’re saying WTF
  • Maybe you’re skeptical that the whole spoon-bending thing is a hoax, and you don’t believe that I’ve ever bent a spoon. And more important than whether I’ve bent a spoon, you firmly don’t believe YOU could bend a spoon
  • Maybe you’re intrigued in spite of yourself
  • Or maybe you have that weird feeling deep in your belly that this is somehow significant even though it sounds crazy

Any of those reactions are fine.

I don’t want to do too much explaining here and spoil the fun of you watching the video.  But I will just say this:

Most people find the experience of bending a spoon to be pretty life-changing.

So how does is make your life better to bend a spoon?

Once you’ve done it, you’ll know:

  • what a powerful, magical, divine-human being you are!
  • that you can access and use that same energy on the rest of your challenges, like being broke, overweight, lonely, powerless, bored with your life, or whatever you wish to change!
  • that you can manifest the things you most desire, and create your own reality!
  • that life is exciting and filled with possibilities!

You’ll know you can create the magical life you're longing for!!!!

So grab a spoon if you want to play along!

And at the end of the video, I explain where to go if you want to discuss your experience with me and a whole group of other magical beings.

So whatcha waiting for?

Access the video now!

You spoon might bend or it might not.  It might bend on the first try.  It might not bend until the 100th try.  But when it does, you’ll discover what a powerful, magical being you are!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

Hi, my name is Cynthia Topp, and I'm a certified life coach.

And a bender of spoons.  I've done it twice, as of this writing.  And it's one of the most empowering, freaky things I've ever experienced.

You can do it too.  I know because I know hundreds of people who have done it.

So grab a spoon and watch the video and see what happens!

Here's my spoon the first time I bent it.

And here's what it looks like after I bent it a second time.