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Hey you, Spiritual Being! Want to access that peaceful place in your brain where you connect with your intuition and the divine?

  • Are your thoughts spinning endlessly through your brain?
  • Are you longing to find that quiet place inside yourself?
  • Are you drawn to meditation, nature, contemplation, ritual or prayer?
  • Do you wish you could figure out ways to access your intuition or connect with the divine, but you’re not quite sure what that would look like?

Maybe you’ve tried some form of meditation, and sometimes it works to quiet you and sometime it doesn’t, and you’d love to become more consistent.

Join Cynthia Topp for:

Wordlessness: Finding the Peaceful Place in Your Brain

a FREE class via conference call

On the call:

  • Learn some simple ways to consistently access Wordlessness.
  • Uncover what’s been interfering.
  • Set yourself free from those endlessly spinning thoughts, so that you can use your mind to serve your true purpose in life.
  • Receive some specific tools to drop into Wordlessness.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017 at:

  • 11:30am Eastern Time
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In this class, we want to help you go to a place we will be referring to as ‘Wordlessness.’

Wordlessness is:

  • when you think in images, no longer in words
  • when all those crazy, out-of-control thoughts stop racing around inside your head, and you become quiet and very present
  • an end result of techniques practiced in many cultures by ‘Wayfinders’  — the mystics, the intuitives, the healers, the priestesses and priests, the shamans and the medicine people
  • the place from which these ‘Wayfinders’ throughout history have done their life’s work and magic.
  • the place where we access our souls or our spirits or our higher selves, or connect with the divine, however you prefer to think of it.

Sound delicious?

It’s completely possible to drop into Wordlessness whenever you want to, whether it’s while you’re out on a walk by the sea or standing in line at the grocery store with a screaming child. People in every culture throughout history, who have put time and effort into learning some tools, have developed the skill of Wordlessness. This is not just something for saints and mystics – it can be learned by anyone.

So if it’s possible to drop into Wordlessness when we choose to, why is the reality so very different for so many of us?

Why do we UF0A1420-destruggle to sit still for five minutes and try to meditate?

Or why do we believe we’re called to be those ‘Wayfinders,’ those healers and mystics and intuitives in our own time and culture, but it just isn’t happening?

The truth is that Wordlessness is a skill, and like any skill, there’s a learning process and it involves practice.

Which is why I’m inviting you to join me for this free one-hour class via teleconference. If you want to learn some new tools to access Wordlessness, then this free session is for you!  Sign up at the top of this page to reserve your spot!



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